Buying and Selling Green Real Estate in Niagara!

National Association of Green Agents and BrokersSally Dollar is a Green Agent

I am accredited with my AGA™ from the National Association for Green Agents and Brokers. It gives me recognized accreditation for my knowledge of Green real estate.  I am passionate about Green!    


I attended training for Home Energy Efficiency, Home hydro usage, Green heating and cooling options for the home.  In addition, I have had an Eco-Energy Audit  performed in my own home.  I have learned hundreds of ways to save energy, save money, and help the environment – without sacrificing your lifestyle.  It is my pleasure to be able to share this knowledge with my buyers and sellers, friends and family.


In addition, I attended and participated in the Niagara Summit “A Greener Tomorrow for Environmental Sustainability” with Dr. Ron Dembo (Founder and CEO of ), Horizon Utilities, City of St. Catharines including Mayor Brian McMullen, St. Catharines Transit, Climate Action Now.  We discussed and participated in planning :

ü  To understand the power of your household in everyday decisions related to energy, food and transportation

ü  To celebrate success stories from community groups and neighbourhoods that have taken environmental action in St. Catharines

ü  To learn how other Canadian Cities are working towards making their communities sustainable.

ü  To have my say on what The City of St. Catharines should be doing to support environmental sustainability in the community.

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Selling Green Real Estate 

BUYING "Green" Real Estate

Buyer's today are looking for energy efficient and healthy homes. The Office of Energy of Natural Resources Canada has introduced a program that has energy experts test and rate your homes efficency. The EnerGuide program gives ratings to a home and compares it to other similar homes of similar ages, the higher the rating the more efficient the home.  Recommendations for improvements are given and grants are given based on those improvements. Having this rating can give you an edge when selling your home. Buyer's will have the ability to recieve the benefits of the improvements or the grants.  I am guessing that in the near future, it will be mandatory for all homes to be rated for resale purposes.


Selling "Green" Real Estate

If you are thinking about selling and your home has Green benefits:  talk to someone who understands your homes special features - I can market your home to the new generation of "Green Real Estate Buyers".  If it is not quite "Green enough", I can walk you through the process of Greening your home and show you how to save some money in the process.

Going Green can add value to your home !

Studies are showing that homes with "green" features can recieve up to 10% more for the selling price. Some buyer's are willing to pay more for efficient and healthy homes.

I have an interest in promoting  homes that are energy efficient and healthy to live in.  If you have a home with features like an HRV, a high efficiency furnace, radiant heat, passive solar, efficient windows, or unique features, or you would like to find one, I can help.  Retrofits can recieve grants!     

  Check here for details on Provincial Rebates



Green homes can be defined in many different ways, but most important on the list these day is efficiency. With rising fuel costs many home buyers are wanting lower energy costs. Finding a home with this criteria can sometimes be a challenge. Knowing when a home can be a good candidate for a retrofit with grants to help with costs may be a better fit for the type of home you want. I can help you with sorting out the details and finding the perfect match your your energy concious budget.


Accredited Green Agent  


How much does your home cost to run?  Here is a great and interactive website (sorry its from the US, but we can fill in our local rates and get the results we need).  It explains what the appliances in our home cost to run on a monthyl basis and small changes we can make to lower our bills



Where can you find out your hydro statistics?  Log on to Horizon Utilities with your account information (see below for link) and see how you can do better! 

 Horizon Utilities - Hydro Accounts



Tips to conserve household water